Obama’s Fake War Against Terrorism Benefits Russia (Video)

"Russia is now a KGB State. The KGB is now more powerful today than it was under Soviet times and they have not abandoned their Leninist dream of world domination.  You see that they are working with the Chinese, they are working with the Iranians they work with the Cubans, the Venezuelans...all around the world Russia has its tentacles."

"Putin may well use his Islamic adherence to tickle America's nerves.  This would correspond to a strategy of psychological warfare against the U.S. in order to create in the U.S. an atmosphere of nervousness, uncertainty and stress." 

"But this begs the question really, is there a Russian role in this Islamic terrorism[ISIS] that is now targeting us and is sweeping through the middle east?" 

"The destruction from within that the U.S. has suffered the last few years is right out of Moscow's playbook which was brought to the fore more than once a decades ago." 

"This is happening and diverting America's attention when the really big battle is happening in the Ukraine because whoever wins that battle will dominate Europe."


Trevor Loudon of TrevorLoudon.com and Cliff Kincaid discuss how the Russian KGB State benefits from Obama's fake war against terrorism in the Middle East. They examine the evidence of Russian infiltration of the West, as demonstrated by the appeasement of Russia over Ukraine. Plus,Trevor talks about his 90-day tour of the United States, the illegal immigration issue, the libertarians, and what's happening in the Tea Party movement.

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