UPDATES: Obama’s Dictatorship, up to 34M Illegal Aliens + Vote Fraud


Time for us to walk and chew gum, with eyes on how the demographics behind the vanguard of revolution called the Democratic Party is “fundamentally changing the United States of America,” to use Obama’s phrase. It is done through both the overt and shadowed orchestration of the cartel collective.
Walk and chew gum because, very much a part of this are the monster’s tentacles of collectivist propaganda (a.k.a., psyops), election swaying, and election/vote fraud. It all comes together, anything that may be done to rule by oligarchy/dictatorship, behind the protective labels of democracy and “progress,” amidst a duped, dependent, and coerced population.

It’s as easy to see as 1-2-3… 4… 5… oops, 6.

See it with some help from the Sovereignty Campaign (SovCam.org) and Twitter:

1. Via Washington Times
2. Via David Codrea, Gun Rights Examiner
3. Via Noisy Room & Fox News, Lou Dobbs and Bill Hemmer
4. Via Truth Revolt
5. Via Noisy Room
6. Via the Illinois Review

Then there’s the easy path to the military apparently being provided to illegals (while our present military of legitimate citizens is layed-off and denied medical service) but if we went on about that, this article might get, well, a bit long.

See the rest at Gulag Bound

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