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We Must Stop the RINO Betrayal Before Thursday!

The good news is that the American people, furious over ObamaCare and amnesty, handed Obama's Congressional socialists a midterm election spanking last November. Unfortunately, the Obama agenda is the establishment agenda and the Republican Party's national leadership fully intends to assure that all of it is fully funded and implemented, including amnesty for illegal aliens and ObamaCare.
This duplicity shouldn't be a real surprise given the political establishment's "dirty little secret". As was once routinely taught in civics classes, the Constitution requires that all money bills must originate in the House of Representatives.

Although the GOP's RINO leadership desperately hopes you don't realize it Congressional Republicans have had the power to shut down ObamaCare, amnesty for illegal aliens, and any other item on the Obama agenda by simply voting not to fund it since they gained control of the House in 2010, four years ago! 
"Omnibus spending bills" and "Continuing Resolutions" are among the favorite legislative tools of establishment politicians and a primary cause of the explosive growth of Federal Spending. These legislative devices lump appropriations for many federal programs into a single bill and spare politicians from ever having to explain to their constituents why they voted to fund unpopular legislation. The stock excuse is that failure to vote for these bills would result in "a government shutdown" and "Republicans would get the blame".

Senator Mitch McConnell and Speaker John Boehner intend to accomplish their betrayal by enacting a $1.014 trillion "Omnibus spending bill" which combines eleven separate appropriation bills to lock in funding levels for all federal agencies through September 15, 2015. The pending "Omnibus spending bill" will provide complete funding for ObamaCare implementation and Obama's unconstitutional amnesty program. If enacted before December 11, it's a "win-win" for "Democrats" and "Republicans". It would virtually foreclose any real opportunity to use defunding as a way to defang amnesty and ObamaCare. The only losers are the American people.

I most urgently suggest that you call your U.S. Senators and Member of Congress (telephone numbers here) and urge them to:

  1. Vote against the pending Omnibus spending bill.
  2. Demand a straight up and down roll call vote on any appropriations bill to fund amnesty OR The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).
The establishment begin to tip its hand before the final midterm election votes were tallied.. Democrat politicians who supported the Obama agenda were drummed out of office. Republican politicians who opposed the Obama agenda won big. So what "spin" was immediately put on these results by the establishment press and politicians? Well, it wasn't that voters decisively rejected "ObamaCare" and amnesty. No, establishment RINOs and their Democrat peers want to change the subject to voter dissatisfaction with "gridlock" and a desire "to get things done".

Changing the Subject: Gridlock

Changing the subject is, of course, a classic propaganda tactic routinely employed by politicians of all stripes to confuse the public. Consider these attempts by the Republican leadership to change the subject from Obama's failed policies to "gridlock" as reported by The New York Times on the day after the election, Wednesday, November 5th.

“We’re going to pass legislation,” Mr. McConnell said at a news conference in Louisville, Ky. “This gridlock and dysfunction can be ended.”  

“I think it really becomes important to appear to want to be a governing party rather than a complaining party,” said Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri, a member of the party leadership. 

Latching onto the "gridlock" explanation wasn't confined to the U.S. Senate. Consider this excerpt from a Denver Post article dated November 15, 2014:

The nation’s governors say they are as fed up as voters with the gridlock in Washington. And they say the message from the 2014 election is clear: do something.

“The onus is on Republicans to govern,” said Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, a Republican and vice-chairman of the National Governors Association. “There are issues out there that need to be addressed that were kicked down the road for way too long and I think they will do themselves a very significant disservice and make it more difficult for them to win the White House in 2016 if they don’t in fact get some things done. They need to find a way to work together.”
This attempt at diversion is, of course, completely false. The election outcome was a direct result of public dissatisfaction with Obama's agenda. RINOs don't want to acknowledge that because they share that agenda.

Changing the Subject: Amnesty

The RINOs who sit atop the national GOP organization are absolutely committed to amnesty for illegal aliens. They use a different vocabulary than Obama's socialists. They always preface their remarks with pledges to "secure the border first" but quickly segue to the "need to fix our broken immigration system" and the need for "immigration reform that offers a pathway to citizenship."

Here, in his own words, is John Boehner's real position on "immigration reform".

The RINOs promised "immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship" to their corporate supporters who want ongoing access to cheap labor. They also claim to believe that amnesty will somehow secure them Hispanic votes and use the claim that failure to deliver will result in GOP losses in future elections. Their rhetoric is pure baloney. Here's the only immigration reform that is needed.

  1. Enforce existing immigration laws fully. Deport any person who enters the country illegally from this point on.
  2. Make it a federal crime for any business to knowingly hire an illegal alien.
  3. For the millions of illegal aliens who are already here, pass legislation to deny them access to all federally funded programs and benefits, including health care, unemployment, food stamps, etc, Stop subsidizing illegals' living costs and they will go home. No deportations necessary.
Changing the Subject: ObamaCare

More from the Denver Post article of November 15, 2014

It is a delicate topic [editors note: this means it would require actually having to vote straight up and down on funding instead of hiding it in an "Omnibus spending bill"], but top Republicans [editors note: This means Boehner and Mitchell] acknowledge they cannot repeal The Affordable Care Act, particularly with Mr. Obama able to veto any such effort. They will no doubt take some repeal votes, but their initial focus could be on smaller changes.

The RINOs don't mind letting the Obama administration take the heat for the "ObamaCare" disaster, but they still want a Washington-controlled program that forces people to buy hospital insurance because it has promised to deliver this to the nation's largest insurance companies and corporate employers.

MIT Professor and ObamaCare consultant Jonathan Gruber has been the target of indignant public fury for telling the world that "Obamacare only passed due to the stupidity of the American voter and a lack of transparency."  Consider the implications of these quotes with Dr. Gruber's comments in mind.

Former Senator Alan Simpson (R-WY): "We have two political parties in this country, the Stupid Party and the Evil Party. I belong to the Stupid Party." 

George W. Bush on Bill Clinton: "He's my brother from another mother."
It is an undeniable fact that establishment politicians, regardless of "Party" affiliation, share the same agenda, the same assessment of American intelligence, and operate in the same social circles. They are a very close-knit group and they do not represent the American people.


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