A Presidential Birth Certificate Controversy Leads To Clashes, Arrests, One Death

Still here in America, the (complicit) Congress, the Supreme Court the mainstream media and the American people, all mum on Obama's fraudulent birth certificate.  This is the single largest issue in American History, the silent coup of the office of President by an illegal alien and his mystery cohorts, and on this issue, the silence is beyond deafening. Look around America at what the Infiltrator has done to this nation, weep and pray for her.   *SMH* 


It appears that only in less-developed nations do the people care about Presidential birth certificates. 
As GlobalVoices reports, clashes broke out between police and the opposition in Gabon stemming from questions about the legitimacy of President Ali Bongo Ondimba. The publication of a book disputing the origins of the President (claiming him to be Nigerian) has led opposition parties to challenge the authenticity of the birth certificate of the head of state which has sparked widespread protests. The protests left 1 dead and many injured and arrested. As local media note, "if the government continues to refuse to negotiate, things could go very wrong."
As Global Voices reports,
Clashes broke out between police and the opposition in Gabon on December 20 stemming from questions about the legitimacy of President Ali Bongo.

A recent book called “New African Affairs” by French reporter Pierre Péan alleged that President Ali Bongo has Nigerian origins. The book was slammed by the authorities, accusing the reporter of inciting racial hatred in Gabon.


A hundred people were arrested. At least one man died without having now possible to establish in what circumstances. Several photos and videos circulating, showing the wounded in the face, on the roof of a car.
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Discontent over the current president's rule has been rising amid continued economic stagnation in oil- and mineral-rich Gabon, where over a third of the population lives in poverty.

Ali Bongo has presided over the former French colony since the 2009 death of his father, who had held the reins since 1967.

Of course, there is more to it, as the one-family-rule and the huge wealth disparities boil over...
Presenting the luxury cars of the Gabonese President...

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