Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Obama Identity Document Fraud Investigation At Crucial Point

Call me tainted, but this investigation, no matter the profundity of what it may come to reveal nor the expanse of its evidence, will not lead to the impeachment or the arrest of Barack Obama or his many accomplices.
The fix is too deep, the depth of the infiltration by radical communists, progressives and globalists inside of this government, inside of the mainstream media and inside many of the non-governmental agencies that influence society as a whole assures that this corrupt machine has past the point of being reigned in through political discourse.  
Yet, I continue to follow this story, which has largely gone silent over the past 6 months or more, for one reason.  There is the possibility that many more people can be awakened to what is happening inside of the White House and the halls of Congress. We must awake more of the sleeping masses.  This is my hope. 
America has been overthrown. It has been a silent coup, and I assure you it has all been orchestrated. America as we once knew her has been and continues to be fundamentally transformed, and perhaps permanently altered. The Bill of Rights have virtually been suspended when it becomes inconvenient to the powers that be.  Voter fraud is now severe enough that whoever gets into office is not decided by "We The People" anymore but are placed there by the infiltrators, the enemies to the U.S. Constitution. The millions of Americans that are illegally being granted amnesty also assures that the voting booth is no longer a valid place to bring in true American Patriots to once again defend America from her enemies, both foreign and domestic.  This deems that the grand experiment, what was the America, has come to an end, or perhaps teetering on the edge of a very steep cliff for its very survival at best. 
Yet, I still hope. -W.E.

Can America Lose Her Freedom?

An examination of the history of civilization reveals that nations have risen, and they have fallen. Governments have been formed, and they have been dissolved. People have become free, and they have fallen into slavery again. Toynbee observed that 19 of the world's 21 significant civilizations disappeared from the face of the earth - not from assault by outside forces, but from deterioration within the society.
Many would contend that America has departed from the intentions of its Founders in a number of significant ways. Others, whose judgments are less categorical, at least would acknowledge that there are valid reasons for such a judgment. - Source

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