IRANIAN CHECKMATE: Obama's Plan to Destroy Israel, Nuke America

Israel Releases Footage Of Iranian ICBM That Could Reach The U.S

It looks as if Israel will go at this alone, and I for one, certainly one count them out.  But I fear for this nation who have been, and continue to be, compromised by our own government, i.e., Barack Hussein Obama and Iranian born Valerie Jarrett who must be laughing all the way to the mosque.  -W.E. 

"The Obama Administration is promoting really, implementing a policy of deception and delusion"

"This comes to us by way of the Israeli's, and it is a satellite image of a new Iranian ICBM sitting on a launch pad outside of Tehran. It's 89 feet tall, its definitely intercontinental in reach, this means that this one at least, they have others, is not aimed at Israel.  This one is aimed much further away than Israel. The Pentagon issued open source reporting that by 2015, that's where we are right now,  Iran would have the capability to reach the United States, continental United States with an ICBM from Iran, well folks, there it is. That missile can carry conventional or non conventional, meaning nuclear, warheads and its range can reach U.S. and Europe."

"The Iranians intention is to surround both Saudi Arabia, its nemesis for leadership of the Global Jihad, and of course Israel.  You've got the Iranians now boasting at this point in time, that they now control 4 Arab capitals; Tripoli Lebanon,  Damascus Syria, Baghdad Iraq and Sana'a in Yemen, plus Tehran of course.  Now look at how that dominance of that geography surrounds Saudi Arabia.  What's the prize? The Saudi oil fields and Mecca and Medina. That's the prize. Israel too."

"How did we get to the point where an American administration is capitulating on this level and acquiescing to an Iranian dominated Middle East?" 


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