The Nazis and Fascists Who Founded the EU and Their Influence Today (Video)

In case you believe that the Obama coup currently under way (some may say completed) is the only coup that has happened in recent history, I offer this video for your consideration.
For the New World Order to emerge as One Government, and One Economy,  both Europe and America have to be brought down, and real freedom extinguished. And it has been unfolding before our eyes for decades now.  -W.E.

"...there has been a coup against the people of Britain and those nation states of Europe which were liberated from fascism in 1945 and from communism in 1989.   This has been a coup against the sovereignty of the voters, the very definition of democracy. Those who sought to destroy democratic sovereignty knew they could not succeed if they were open about their intentions and they could not succeed if they attempted a coup within one democratic system. They therefore acted behind the democratic system and across national borders.  They established in the European Union a bureaucratic communist state so monolithic that most can be intimidated into silence by the very size of the project and emasculated by the necessary remoteness over powers involved. The plans for this essentially fascist process were laid and carried out by among others, many leading Nazis and fascists after the second world war, and realized in the European Union today. 
Fact that many naive constructors of today's Europe had good intentions does not mitigate the fact that they have summoned up the hated regimes of the fascist past, and created structures built on the ashes of democratic nationhood.  All of which coincides with the plans are the very European fascists they thought they were expunging.  
Now that they've hit the secret aims of turning the democratic nation states of Europe into a gigantic corporatist empire is imminent, the new dictators have grown bold.  Now they can act as if the voters do not exist, for they know the voters have no power..." 


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