Islamic Immigration


So many threats are happening simultaneously against America.  We are worried about an economic we should be. We worry about a looming war with Russia and China, and perhaps we should be. We are worried about corruption at the highest levels of our government. We are worried about the subversion of our constitution. We are worried about the brainwashing of American's through education, culture, etc., and the list goes on and on.   I would suggest however that there is even a more immediate threat. 
America is about to be altered in a way that will change us fundamentally forever.


Today I want to take another look at Islamic Immigration.
Let’s take a look at what is happening in Europe. We must ask, after three years of war in Syria, why is it that all of the sudden we see all of these “refugees” leaving that region? Why are they just now pouring themselves into Europe? It seems like they have been waiting at the gate, and all of the sudden they have poured over. Well, they have not been waiting at the gate all this time. I believe they have devised a plan to send their soldiers into Europe, disguising them as a Trojan Horse, as refugees, as someone in need of refuge. They are disguised as someone trying to escape the Islamic fighting in the region.
I thought that, to Muslim[s], Europe and America are supposed to be evil nations full of sinful wickedness. Why do they want to come here? Why don’t they go to other Islamic countries that have the same values that they have? Why don’t they go to Saudi Arabia or Jordan? These countries speak languages that they understand and are culturally similar to what they know.
Most of the Muslims that have come here so far, came to find liberty, and most of them are peaceful. Those who are coming in this latest “refugee” crisis are much more fundamental. Once they are here, they will bully the more moderate Muslims and force them to get on board. They will ask if they are really Muslims or are they kufar, and threaten them if they don’t support their militancy.
The Obama administration is working to prepare the ground for the seedlings. That is what they are calling these “refugees.” On today’s broadcast I played the audio of a discussion between Mark Levin and Susan Payne. Susan was invited, unbeknownst to the President, to listen in on a conference call on Islamic immigration. On the broadcast I edited it for times sake. You can listen to the full discussion below.
This angers me and it should anger you. This is a plan to alter the fabric of America. One thing we must say, Obama is living up to his promise to fundamentally change America.
There are 190 cities in America that are targeted for this Islamic immigration. There are contractors in these cities that the government uses to bring these people in. There is funding from the federal government for about 4 months, and that is it. After that the burden falls upon the local governments. Seattle has 4 of these contractors, the Jewish Family Service, World Relief, the International Rescue Committee, Lutheran Community Services. This would be great if they were evangelizing these people, but since they are receiving federal funds they cannot evangelize them.
Kent, WA has one of these contractors, Tri-Cities has one, Yakima has 2, and Vancouver, WA has one.
It is time for us to be concerned and stop talking. We must do something before it is too late.

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