Arpaio Informant: Obama & Brennan Hired Hackers To Alter Birth Certificate; Got Bullet Between Eyes

According to the Courthouse News service, "Arpaio and his aides face potential fines, criminal charges and jail time if they are found in contempt of court."  Obama cannot afford to continue to sit back and wait for Sheriff Joe and Mike Zullo to go public with more information on the fraudulent and so called "President", as they have continued to investigate Barack Hussein Obama.  Jail time on trumped up charges would send them a clear message, and make Obama and his cronies quite happy.


Here's more details of testimony given by Maricopa County Sheriff's Office CCP Commander Mike Zullo.

Excerpt via Jamie Ross @ Courthouse News Service:

Conspiracy Tale at Arpaio Contempt Hearing 
In another recording, former billionaire Tim Blixseth tells Arpaio that then-Senator Barack Obama had hired computer hackers to doctor Obama's birth certificate and change Florida voting records to alter redistricting efforts. 
Blixseth said he learned of Montgomery when Montgomery hacked into Blixseth's personal information to provide it to his ex-wife and her attorneys during their divorce proceedings. That's when, Blixseth says, Montgomery told him about information he had uncovered about the federal government. 
According to Montgomery, a young man working for John Brennan - now director of the Central Intelligence Agency - was hired to alter Obama's birth certificate while he was still a senator. When people began to question the authenticity of the certificate, the young man "got a bullet between the eyes," Blixseth said. 
Blixseth also described to Arpaio a secret computer system Montgomery told him about that was built by the federal government, called "The Hammer." He said the system is housed in Fort Washington, Md., and Montgomery used it when he was contracted by the CIA. 
Montgomery claimed the government asked him to hack into the Florida voter registration system and to upload information to alter it because there was "a big redistricting down in Florida." 
In that same meeting, Arpaio is heard asking Blixseth whom he should contact with this information if he decided not to look into Montgomery's claims. Blixseth recommended the FBI, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder or Arizona Sen. John McCain, much to Arpaio's audible disappointment. [...] Courthouse News Service. - Hat tip Guest.

Is it possible?!


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