Hillary Clinton Lying for 13 Minutes Straight (Video)

Donald Trump says that the most amazing news regarding the 2016 Presidential campaign that is under reported is the volume of Republican's  going to polls and voting so far in primaries and caucuses around the nation.
Actually, I can think of at least two others that are even more stunners:
1. A committed and avowed Socialist is running for President of our freedom loving United States and everyone acts like that is no big deal, business as usual. (Which is exactly what they are conditioning us to think)  No, it's an outrage is what it is. If you listen hard enough, you can actually hear our Founding Father's rolling in their graves. 

2.  Hillary Clinton is not in jail, still not indicted, and millions of American's actually see her as a viable, honest and American-loving candidate.  This is truly shocking. 

Michael Armstrong

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