The Communists Protesting Trump; Update on Albuquerque’s police horses


Six police officers were injured and a horse was knocked over during a “protest” against Donald Trump in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Spokeswoman Celina Espinoza said “said every APD officer who responded was hit by rocks or debris.”

The horses are doing fine (see below).

The mainstream media has completely hidden the fact that the vast majority of anti-Trump protesters were “organized” by radical communist groups.

The Washington Post reported that “of about 1,000 peaceful protesters,” a rogue group consisting of “mostly young, raucous rioters joined the ranks, hurling burning T-shirts, rocks and bottles toward the police and police horses trying to contain them…”
The local news seems to have been written by one of Donald Trump’s communist opponents, as Blair Miller reported with his own special brand of commentary that “[T]here were, as was to be expected in the state most densely-populated with Hispanics, people using their First Amendment right to hurl insults and four-letter words at Trump and his supporters.”

In an article comically headlined and reminiscent of Occupy Wall Street “news” coverage, “Albuquerque Trump protests were mostly peaceful, but unruly people caused late violence,” Miller explains that “[P]rotest organizers were distinctly marked, visible and highly-involved. Many of them were from the SouthWest Organizing Project (SWOP) and the organization had been clear that the protest was to be peaceful.” But Blair Miller did not mention that the vast majority of groups who organized against Donald Trump are radical communists, which, as Blair Miller says “was to be expected…”

The SouthWest Organizing Project, of course, has many activist members sympathetic to and active in, FRSO networks, as revealed by Trevor Loudon at Also shown in the following Twitter video are astro-turf signs by the radical Marxist group The Red Nation, (who regularly partners with the KIVA Club, as shown in this Facebook invitation by Rodrigo Rodriguez). The Red Nation is aligned with, which is also known as the “The Party for Socialism and Liberation.”

In the below tweet, one can also see astro-turf signs by The Party for Socialism and Liberation who believes that “the only solution to the deepening crisis of capitalism is the socialist transformation of society.” They describe themselves as “a revolutionary Marxist party.” They split from the not-so-moderate Workers World Party because they were too moderate. 

It should be emphasized that The Party for Socialism and Liberation is extreme and violent, as they support North Korea, Iran and China. They are also aligned with the Answer Coalition, who can be seen at this anti-Trump rally in Sarasota, with their distinctive signs:

Answer Coalition via Liberation News of
Answer Coalition via Liberation News of
Also in the tweet is a sign for the Native American Democratic Caucus of New Mexico:
Native American Democratic Caucus of New Mexico protesting Trump 5-24-2016
Native American Democratic Caucus of New Mexico protesting Trump 5-24-2016

The Native American Democratic Caucus of New Mexico is an organization that “is committed to increasing the political participation of Native American individuals and allies in the Democratic Party and to ensuring that the Party, its officers, candidates, public officials and members respect and support the political status of tribal nations and issues of concern to Native American peoples and our communities.” 

Four people were “arrested or cited and about a dozen were detained” according to a local report. A police spokesperson said that six police officers “suffered injuries to their faces, noses, arms and legs after being hit by large rocks.”

Chelsea Rae Gray(cq) of Albuquerque burns a Donald Trump T-shirt Albuquerque, New Mexico (Albuquerque Journal)
Chelsea Rae Gray(cq) of Albuquerque burns a Donald Trump T-shirt Albuquerque, New Mexico (Albuquerque Journal)

As far as the police horses, they are fine.

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