Comey Oversaw HSBC Laundered Drug Money Going to the Clinton Foundation

All we hear is what a man of integrity James Comey is.  
Well, we heard once that Chief Justice Roberts was a strict constitutionalist and that didn't work out so good for America either. 
The truth is that the corruption is deeper than we know or care to even fathom, and it incorporates much of the Democratic and Republican Party.



FBI Director is clearly motivated to retain his job after Clinton is elected than he is in performing his sworn duties as an FBI Director. 
Comey is one of the faces of the criminal enterprise mafia that has taken over the U.S. government. In addition tot he HSBC scandal where he oversaw money laundering from the drug cartels and terrorist groups, he has now been show to have showered the Clinton Foundation with dirty HSBC money.
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HSBC is intimately involved with the Clinton Foundation. Their clients include Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, and a plethora of multi-national corporations.  And this is only the tip of the iceberg. 
Judicial Watch has detailed  over 200 conflicts of interest associated with the Clinton Foundation and Comey is involved in many of these.
I previously interviewed John Cruz, form VP at HSBC bank, and talks about the fact that he could get no official interest from law enforcement agencies including DHS when he blew the whistle on this criminal organization. Now we know why. And now we know why Comey was appointed to FBI director, because one hand washes the other. And now we know why Clinton has escaped prosecution for her crimes.
The executive branch of the US Government is a criminal enterprise.

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