Trump Unloads on FBI Clearing Clinton: 'System Rigged'

There will be a day of reckoning coming for Hillary and Bill.  It's just not today.  Those of us watching and understanding the depths of the corruption in the political system, and especially concerning Barack and Hillary, knew this would be the outcome.  She needed to have this latest scandal put behind her before the upcoming DNC, something I am sure Bill reminded Loretta Lynch of....after they spoke of their grandchildren of course. - W.E.


WASHINGTON – “The system is rigged,” charged Donald Trump.
The GOP presidential candidate wasted no time in blasting the FBI after its director announced his decision not to recommend the government file criminal charges against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over her email scandal.

Immediately following the announcement, Trump fired off a tweet that read: “The system is rigged. General Petraeus got in trouble for far less. Very very unfair! As usual, bad judgment.”

That was a reference to former CIA Director David Petraeus. In his case, FBI investigators recommended felony charges against the former general for allegedly providing classified information to his biographer and mistress, Paula Broadwell. Petraeus eventually pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified information.

Two minutes after his first tweet, Trump issued a second broadside: “FBI director said Crooked Hillary compromised our national security. No charges. Wow! #RiggedSystem.”

Even while announcing no charges would be recommended, FBI director James Comey did, indeed, appear extremely concerned that Clinton had exposed state secrets to hackers, including those working for foreign governments.

He said, “We do assess that hostile actors gained access to the private commercial email accounts of people with whom secretary Clinton was in regular contact from her personal account.”

Trump expanded on his initial comments a few hours later, releasing a statement that said, “[B]ecause of our rigged system that holds the American people to one standard and people like Hillary Clinton to another, it does not look like she will be facing the criminal charges that she deserves.  

He asserted she would pose a danger to the country’s security as president because, “Our adversaries almost certainly have a blackmail file on Hillary Clinton, and this fact alone disqualifies her from service.”

Trump suggested it was up to voters to bring Clinton to justice.

“The final jury will be the American people, and they will issue the verdict on her corruption, incompetence, and bad judgment on November 8th,” he concluded.

As WND reported, Comey announced Tuesday morning that although there was evidence the former secretary of state potentially violated the laws regarding the handling of classified information, the bureau was not recommending the Justice Department file charges because there was “no clear evidence” Clinton or her colleagues intended to break the law.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy accused Comey of essentially rewriting the law to clear Clinton because the statute does not mention intent.

“The lack of intent to harm our country is irrelevant. People never intend the bad things that happen due to gross negligence,” wrote the legal scholar.

McCarthy also took issue with Comey’s assertion that no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case based on the evidence uncovered by the FBI because the director himself had conceded Clinton committed gross negligence.

Many others were just as shocked and outraged as Trump, and reaction on Twitter was fast and furious.

Conservative columnist David Limbaugh: “Many Dems don’t care if Dems break the law (ends justify means); others are so brainwashed they will never believe Hillary broke the law.”

Conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt: “Damning. She’s disqualified. You can vote for her, but she’s a danger to the national security of US because of her recklessness”
Conservative commentator Monica Crowley: “Rule of law? What rule of law? Rule of law is for schmucks.”

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.: “Today Comey & Obama’s DOJ made it clear to the American people there’s no accountability no justice & the Clintons live by different rules.”

Former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton: “The #FBI recommends no charges & yet there is evidence of potential violations regarding the handling of classified info. Unbelievable.”

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer: “If Hillary were still Sec State, Pres O would have to fire her. But instead, he travels with her and seeks to promote her. Disgusting.”

More Fleischer: “Bottom line: Hillary is reckless, careless and has poor judgement, but she’s not a criminal. Which means she’s likely to be our next POTUS.”

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif.: “The FBI decision shows once again how the Clintons and others at the top get to live by a different set of rules from everyone else.”

Fox News host Eric Bolling: “FBI recommends no further action.. good thing there’s an Atny General who will uphold rule of law. Oh wait she just met with Bill.. #GUILTY”

Conservative commentator Daniel Horowitz: “Let’s face it, a republican who faced such allegations would be forced to withdraw candidacy, irrespective of criminal charges.”

Washington talk radio host Larry O’Connor: “People never INTEND to act with “gross negligence”. That’s the whole point of the law! #clintonrules”

Conservative commentator Dana Loesch: “They will do everything in their power to get Clinton into the White House.”

More Loesch: “So glad Comey was able to take care of Hillary’s awkward little investigation right before Obama campaigned with her.”

Gov. Scott Walker, R-Wisc. “Clinton had emails marked Special Access Program (beyond Top Secret). Put nat’l security at risk. Unfit to be POTUS.”

Conservative commentator John Podhoretz: 

More Podhoretz: “If you think Comey got it right, please note he called her a liar.”

Wall Street Journal editor James Taranto: “Laws Are for Little People: Comey delivers an indictment but won’t seek one”

Conservative commentator Jedediah Bila: “Hillary is a liar. We’ve seen it many times. The question is whether that will matter enough to people to cost her the election. I say no.”

Conservative commentator Katie Pavlich: “Obama DOJ: James Rosen is a criminal co-conspirator but Hillary Clinton should be the next President of the United States. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.”

Columnist Ben Shapiro: “Hillary’s got her fig leaf. That’s all that matters to the media.”

More Shapiro: “Obama on a plane with Hillary as Comey prepares to exonerate her is like Michael Corleone taking confession as Clemenza murders his enemies.”
Majority Whip Sen.John Cornyn, R-Texas, quoting the Washington Post: “WP: ‘For a candidate already badly struggling on questions of whether she is honest and trustworthy… Comey’s comments are devastating’

CNN political analyst Amanda Carpenter: “Clinton compromised natl security but we can’t think about revoking her security clearance bc she might be President. Fantastic.”

More Carpenter: “Saying HRC didn’t “intend” to compromise natl sec. w server setup is like chugging a fifth of rum & saying you didn’t intend to get drunk”

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee, R-Ark.: “Hillary may not be POTUS, but she’ll be on the Winter Olympic team for ice skating, no one has successfully skated on more thin ice than her”

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.: “The FBI’s decision regarding Clinton’s mishandling of classified emails once again proves that she is DQ’d from being Commander in Chief.”

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