Donald Trump Had American Flag Pin At Debate; Globalist Hillary Didn’t

A small thing? Maybe. But maybe not.  Nothing this campaign does is by accident.

Donald Trump wore our colors last night, showing whose side he is on.  
Hillary didn't wear a pin during last nights debate, showing her true colors and also sending a message:  Hillary doesn't stand with America first, but rather her global "village" of elitists who see the Constitution as a "living breathing document" and Americans of all stripes as "deplorable". -W.E.


While people are talking this morning about who insulted whom at the debate Monday night or who interrupted the most, others noticed something much smaller – but perhaps very significant.
On the debate stage, Donald Trump was wearing an American Flag pin – Hillary wasn’t.

What does it mean? Perhaps nothing – perhaps it’s telling.
Perhaps Hillary wearing a bright-red pantsuit that reminds people of the Chinese Communist Flag without an American Flag pin tells us all we need to know.

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