Hillary, Her Associates and the Mainstream Media

Laying aside her many scandals (which is like laying aside an iceberg from the Titanic...it matters!) i.e., the email scandal, the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, etc., Hillary Clinton still supports and receives support from some of the most radical groups and individuals anyone can imagine. 

And the mainstream media goes ballistic against Trump, making charges that he is a racist because David Duke supports him, but conveniently never mentions the fact that a Grand Dragon from the KKK supports Hillary.
In fact, there are quite a few egregious people and groups that support Hillary that we hear nary a word about...but maybe we should.

The Communist Party USA came out in support of Hillary Clinton for President, just as they did for Barack Obama. What has the media said about this? Uh- nothing as far as I can find.

Hillary is clearly on record for supporting the radical Communist George "Open Borders" Soros, including praising as an "extraordinary blessing". 

Soros uses his billions in many nefarious ways including supporting radical Islam, destabilizing national economies, funding radical groups like BlackLivesMatter and creating propaganda networks here in America and around the world. (all of which I have covered on this blog for years)  

Hillary gladly takes millions from Soros.  

Of course, this is a non-issue to the mainstream media. 

Finally we know that Hillary Clinton is a disciple of the 1960's radical Saul Alinksy.
Not just because she wrote her college thesis about Alinsky, but because she corresponded with him after she graduated for quite some time.


Seddique Mateen, Taliban supporter and father of Orlando mass murderer Omar Mateen

Seddique Mateen, father of the Orlando terrorist and mass murderer Omar Mateenn shows up in prime seating at a Hillary Clinton campaign event and we are supposed to believe that this was a coincidence? That he was neither invited or given such a prominent seat? 
Where was the media's hard hitting questions or follow up? It was non-existent. 
Could this have been anything but a signal to radical Islam that business will continue as usual with Hillary as President as it has with Obama?
You will remember that Mateen claimed that he ran for President of Afghanistan  and is a supporter of the Taliban. 

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