FIDEL CASTRO DEAD – Marxist Dictator Dies at 90

Communist tyrant Fidel Castro with top lietenant Che Guevara

Even including much of the Miami media, watch how the mainstream media will positively characterize, and it has already begun, the life and death of Castro.  It will be true to their own leftist, socialist ideology, and this is the lesson; The American Left in this nation is absolutely infiltrated with Marxist and/or communist sympathizers. It is this ideology behind the likes of Obama, Clinton, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, BlackLivesMatter, the U.N., Globalism in general and the rest of the Left in this nation.  This is at its core, the real threat to the Republic.  -W.E.


Fidel Castro is dead at 90.

The tyrant who destroyed Cuba.

Castro was reportedly worth $900 million.
His nation lives in poverty.

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