PROOF! Legally Obtained Government Documents Prove Hillary Violated Espionage Act

I heard Larry Kawa today on Sean Hannity's radio show and the information he has is simply stunning.  I grabbed this from his website which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND and it is just the tip of the iceberg.  It is also amazing work that just a normal, but concerned citizen dug up on Hillary and Huma Abedin that any of us could have done by simply using our brain and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).   
The question could be asked, why hasn't any journalist discovered this?  But we all know- the system is rigged. Which is the same reason that the Justice Department and FBI have "decided" to not put 2 and 2 together.   Thoroughly rigged.  -W.E. 


Hillary Clinton's Two Secrecy Agreements / Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA's)

Both were signed 1-22-09, the day after Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State.
Below are two secrecy agreements between Hillary Clinton and the US Government in which she was to agree that she was briefed as well as agreed not to disclose secretive information including classified (c) and sensitive compartmented information (SCI). Such illegal disclosure would jeopardize American lives both abroad and domestically.
Please note section 7 of the first agreement and section 6 of the second agreement in which Hillary Clinton admits in advance that a breach of such an agreement may be a criminal violation of 18 USC, the Espionage Act.
Key for Hillary Clinton:

(C)= classified / confidential
It should be noted that classified information is not classified predicated upon a marking but rather the internal content of such information. It was the fiduciary duty of Hillary Clinton as an OCA (original classification authority) to create such markings upon disseminating those documents rather than relying upon others. This was mandated by executive order 13526 section 1.3 signed by President Obama. Such classifications shall remain intact for 10 years per section 1.5 (b) and section 1.6 (4) (b). Hillary Clinton's clear and demonstrable violations of Executive Order 13526 are sanctioned in section 5.5 (d) The agency head (i.e. Secretary of State John Kerry) ...shall, at a minimum, promptly remove the classification authority of any individual who demonstrates reckless disregard for a pattern of error in applying the classification standards of this order."

NDA for classified known as SF-312:

It should be noted that Hillary Clinton was never briefed and therefore was never accepted on behalf of the US Government as an employee of the State Department. To this day she also never had top secret security clearance. Per the link below a fully executed SF-312 is a requirement for top secret security clearance and such a countersigned document does not exist. The document below was never signed under the briefing line nor countersigned under "acceptance" and therefore was never executed, supporting the contention that Hillary Clinton never had top secret security clearance. This would also make her the first Secretary of State who was never accepted as an employee of the State Department... perhaps her one accomplishment.

Fully executed SF-312 NDA required for top secret security clearance:

Non-executed SF-312 NDA:



Here is the NDA for SCI:

It should be noted that a security briefing for SCI is a lengthy and extremely rigorous process. She claimed that she did not remember having a security briefing yet in the document below she had admits by virtue of her signature that she did.
It would be interesting to remove the yellow redaction box to see who the witness was and who briefed her. Such a briefing must be given in a SCIF (sensitive compartmented information facility). It would be interesting to find the sign in logs to see who was present for such a briefing in the SCIF where she was supposedly trained on how to handle such information and who trained her.
Please note that this document was signed by Hillary Clinton acknowledging section 6. Plainly put that means that if he breaches this agreement she will be removed from a position of special confidence and trust. Section 6 further delineates that she agrees not to disclose any SCI or it may be a criminal violation of 18 USC, the Espionage Act. Per FBI Director Jim Comey, Hillary Clinton was "extremely careless" with this information. He did not say that it was gross negligence but he cannot define the difference. Had she been grossly negligent she would have been guilty of a crime but instead he just admitted to her being extremely careless. He further went on to say that he was going to deny the American people the right to convene a grand jury and evaluate the situation for themselves since he found no precedent for a similar type of indictment before. It does not stand to reason that you cannot indict someone unless a similar crime was committed before. Using that logic, terrorist associated with the 911 attack could not be convicted since there was no such similar attack previously. Comey also stated that he could not find her having intent yet intent is not a legal requirement to be guilty of gross negligence. During her FBI interview it does not appear that there were questions asked to determine her intent. This interview was held 48 hours after her husband Bill Clinton boarded the plane of Attorney General Loretta Lynch to "discuss grandchildren and golf". She does not have grandchildren and doesn't play golf. No one was allowed to photograph this secretive meeting.
In summary, someone the FBI director has determined to be "extremely careless" with national security secrets and demonstrably should have had her security clearance permanently revoked by Executive Order 13526  5.5 (d) is now asking for you to vote for her to be the commander-in-chief of the United States military.

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