Six Communists Arrested During anti-Trump Protests at Texas Capitol on Sunday

Facebook Page of the "Red Guards Austin"

The media purposely does not tell us about who is financing and what groups are protesting the Trump election.  
It's very important we understand that communism is not only alive and active in the U.S. today, but it has infiltrated the mainstream media, the Democratic Party and is in large part responsible for much of the violence on the streets from Occupy Wall Street, Ferguson protests, Black Lives Matter to the early Trump campaign protestors to those rioting today. -W.E. 

From Trevor Loudon's website: 

The communist group shared an event for students from the Revolutionary Student Front”  (which describes itself as a “revolutionary anti-capitalist student movement” ) scheduled for this Friday night called “‘Not My President’ to ‘No More Presidents!'” which seeks to build “a movement that can create a revolution to end capitalism will burn the oppressive roots from which fascism grows:”

“With Donald Trump as president-elect, a lot of us are wondering how we got here and what we can do about it. The Democratic Party won’t save us; even ‘progressives’ like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have said they’ll work together with President Trump.

Peaceful protest won’t save us; as Stokely Carmichael said, “Nonviolence only works if your opponent has a conscience. The United States has none.”

The only thing that has stopped fascism historically is an organized anti-fascist fighting force; Hitler was only stopped by the Red Army. The rising wave of fascist movements emboldened by Trump’s presidency can only be countered by an even more bold mass movement of anti-capitalist resistance. Now more than ever, the steps necessary for building this type of mass revolutionary movement need to be made. And only a movement that can create a revolution to end capitalism will burn the oppressive roots from which fascism grows.

Join the Revolutionary Student Front at Jester A203A (tentative) on 6:30 on Thursday, to talk about the concrete steps necessary in building power on campus as working-class students to create a better world and defend each other from the threat of fascism.”

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Protests against President-elect Donald Trump continued both nationwide and locally Sunday night.

About 150-200 people gathered at the Capitol to stage a “peaceful protest” and state that they would not be antagonizing the police. Trump supporters were among those in the crowd.  

Protesters marched down Congress Avenue and turned toward City Hall, ending up on the South 1st Street bridge.

The march turned back toward the Capitol around 8:30 p.m.

The Texas Department of Public Safety says it arrested 6 members of a local communist group, Red Guards Austin, for assaulting pro-Trump members in Sunday's protest. 

DPS troopers arrested Jarred Roark, 34, after he allegedly assaulted an individual on South Congress and 11th Street adjacent to the State Capitol. 

The Texas Department of Public Safety has identified the 6 people arrested during an anti-Trump rally at the Capitol on Sunday night. Top row: Jarred Roark, 34 (Left); Taylor Tomas Chase, 21 (Center); Joseph Wayne George, 36 (Right); Bottom row: Samuel Benjamin Lauber, 21 (Left); Jason Peterson, 24 (Center); Jade Tabitha Shackelford, 19 (Right). (Photo: DPS)
Roark was arrested on felony aggravated assault, resisting arrest and evading arrest.
Troopers also arrested five other suspects related to the initial incident:
  • Taylor Tomas Chase, 21, interference with public duty and resisting arrest
  • Joseph Wayne George, 36, interference with public duty
  • Samuel Benjamin Lauber, 21, interference with public duty and resisting arrest
  • Jason Peterson, 24, interference with public duty and resisting arrest
  • Jade Tabitha Shackelford, 19, felony assault on public servant
In an earlier interview with Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, he asked people to protest peacefully and within the confines of the law.

"If you really want to stand for your position and views, take those masks off," said Chief Acevedo. "Stop covering your face. Because historically, the only people who cover their face are people who are agitators and people that at some point are really anarchists."
Tom Vinger, Press Secretary for the Texas Department of Public Safety, released the following statement Monday:

While we do not typically discuss security issues, we can say that DPS is continually monitoring events involving potential public safety impacts across the state and nation. We also adjust our level of vigilance to meet any potential or emerging threats, and will adjust our security measures as threats warrant.

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