Anonymous The “RUSSIAN HACKING” of DNC Emails

"With regard to the hacking of the Democratic National Committee allegedly by President Putin, lest we forget, the leaked emails revealed that the DNC was busy undermining Bernie Sanders candidacy through the primaries by various corrupt and fraudulent practices including smear campaigns directed against Bernie.  Russia had nothing to do with this process. It was inside the Democratic Party.  The main actor was not Moscow it was the DNC, including meddling by Hillary Clinton and the DNC Chair Debbie Wassermann-Shultz.  The underlying objective was to discredit Sanders with a view to upholding Clinton who has a criminal record with the FBI.  The emails revealed certain corrupt and unsavory DNC activities in support of Hillary Clinton's candidacy.  If these DNC dirty tricks in favor of Hillary had not been carried out, Bernie Sanders would most probably have won the Democratic Party nomination.  The DNC is responsible for its own failures, the email leaks were not the result of hacking ordered by President Putin, quite the opposite. 

Did you know there was a class action lawsuit against the DNC? That is another significant dimension surrounding the DNC email scandal which was never covered by the mainstream media.  Bernie Sanders supporters initiated a class action lawsuit in Federal District Court in Florida against the DNC and their former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wassermann-Shultz pointing to fraud, negligent misrepresentation,  deceptive conduct, unjust enrichment, breach of fiduciary duties and of negligence.  Debbie Wassermann-Shultz was forced to resign following the release of the emails. 
The lawsuit entitled "WILDING et al. DNC SERVICES CORPORATION, d/b/a DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE and DEBORAH “DEBBIE” WASSERMANSCHULTZ" was filed in the Federal District Court for the Southern district of Florida.  No coverage or mention whatsoever by the MSM into this class action lawsuit by which uncovered corruption and fraud by the DNC.   No investigation into the death of Shawn Lucas.  No media coverage of Lucas' death with the exception of a report in London's Daily Mail which pointed to several mysterious deaths of Democratic Party campaign organizers and activitsts including Shawn Lucas.  The Clinton body count has a long list of people tied to the Clinton's who have died in suspicious circumstance since the 1990's."

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