MORE ARPAIO PROOF: Fake Birth Certificate = Fake POTUS

President Barack Obama's birth certificate has been determined by two outside world class document examiners using forensic science to be forgeries.   

This full Arpaio/Zullo news conference was held yesterday 12-15 but of course, has so far gotten barely more than a blurb in the mainstream media.  

Meanwhile, Obama with less than even circumstantial evidence is blaming the Russians in an unprecedented and reckless manner as he is the President Elect, for interfering with U.S. elections while the nation has no clue to his true identity, as he was never vetted by Congress.   

Is his name really Barack Hussein Obama or is it Barry Soetoro? When and why did he change his name?  Why is the hospital he claims to have been born in refusing to cooperate with this investigation? Why does the media only condemn questions about the birth certificate rather than report the facts?  

We are left with more questions than answers about the identity of Obama, but we at least can put to bed the idea that the birth certificate is real because once again, it has been fully debunked as authentic.   -W.E.

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