College Professor EXPOSES Chelsea Handler, Ashley Judd, and the Women's March for Entitlements

The lie of "feminism" was on full, nasty display.  

Not unlike the media, they are another element of the strong arm radicals of the Democratic Party, here to decry their fake pain and suffering. Paid and promoted by George Soros of course.  
Tampons are taxed they cried! Love Trumps hate they cried! They cried how terrible America is, how terrible conservatism is, and how enslaved they are to "male privilege" and at the top of the list, how terrible President Donald Trump is...after one full day of the new administration. 
In fact, his lewd, but private conversation fourteen years ago that was caught on a hot mic was such a trigger for the darling snowflakes that they had to openly be 100 times more front of hundreds if not thousands of young children.  
Oh, and how sacred a "right" it is for a mother to abort her unborn child they preached.  

The real truth is, after 50 years of their intolerance and their lies that have permeated society like a metastasizing cancer, surgery is required to remove the tumor of radical feminism. -W.E. 

"What do you think that Chelsea Handler, Scarlett Johansson and Ashley Judd speeches were really about?  Entitlements.  That they aren't paid enough. That they're treated unfairly, that they've been discriminated against. That they're fake glass feeling actually exists.
These are women who are paid millions of dollars every year for their terrible acting, but for them it is not enough.  The whole thing is a joke."

C. Ervana

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