SHOCK VIDEO: Swedish PC Run Amok, Immigration Nightmare

With the Democrats, the MSM and the educational system in the nation all pushing their "Progressive" agenda via indoctrination, misrepresentation of facts, thuggery, bias and plain old lying to EVERYONE, we may be well on our way here in America of death by Political Correctness.  

I am not so sure why I am shocked by this video because it is happening here and now, but it seems to have literally taken over the entire Swedish society.  

Political Correctness must be a form of insanity. It has to be. If criminals are running through your gates and into your house wreaking havoc, and you refuse to, at the very least, close the gate because you will be labeled racist and xenophobic, have you not lost touch with reality? -W.E.

The story really unfolds at the 50 second mark. 


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