Mark Levin, Sekulow and Judicial Watch Question How Evelyn Farkas Has Access to Trump Intelligence


This is a BIG BIG BIG DEAL.  

As the plot continues to thicken, the lying socialist media in this country don't feel compelled to talk about it...even though this literal bombshell appeared on one of their own shows, which is just hysterically funny if you ask me.  MSNBC has helped the Trump administration and didn't even realize it. Farkas has helped Trump with her admission.....and didn't realize it.  Wow, you can't make this stuff up.    Now of course, the media is playing dumb regarding this, something they seem to be quite adept at when it doesn't fit their narrative or agenda.

Also worth checking out...Constitutional Attorney Jay Sekulow went on the Hannity show two nights ago and spoke of Farkas' felonies and the significance of all of this. (2nd video below) -W.E.

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