Bombshell: Rice Seeking Immunity for Testimony (Video)

What exactly is the largest scandal in the history of our Republic?  
Is it that Donald Trump is in bed with and won the election due to Putin as virtually ALL of the MSM would have us believe?  Or, is it the vast degree of corruption and lies that they have been perpetrated in propping up not just Hillary Clinton and her crimes, but Barack Obama and his Manchurian Presidency for 8 long years that aided and abetted America's enemies while working to destroy the foundations of our nation?  I believe the answer is pretty clear for any thinking person that has not been completely conditioned by the media and is paying attention.  It isn't just Obama.  It isn't just Hillary, the Democrats or any other person or entity.  It is the monolithic cover up and eventual collusion by the MSM that is still ongoing this very moment that "trumps" all other historic degeneracy of our infiltrated government.     
And Susan Rice might just be the key to their downfall.   


Trump said that he would drain the swamp and much to the surprise of his detractors, he appears committed to his campaign pledges. Comey’s unceremonious but well deserved firing was a warning shot across the bow, and it appears that former National Security Advisor to Obama, Susan Rice, has heard the shot loud and clear.

For the record, let's be very clear here. Regardless what nonsense the Democrats or the mainstream media will be spouting in the coming days ahead (and there will be plenty of it), make no mistake, it will all be pure B.S., and it will all be in an attempt to distract Americans from what is easily going to be the largest scandal in our nation's history…
In the following video, Right Wing News looks at reports which claim that Rice is now seeking immunity in exchange for spilling the beans on higher ups. The stakes are high for Rice; she stands accused of ordering illegal wiretaps on Trump and disseminating the information to journalists, a very serious offence. If someone as high up as Rice testifies, who will she implicate?

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