Mark Levin: The Mueller Investigation is Pretext to Impeachment

Some of Levin's Points:
  • Why would Mueller be appointed as special prosecutor when he and Comey, a key witness in the both the Russian collusion investigation and the developing obstruction of justice investigation, are good friends?  Levin notes that the Comey family and Mueller family have gone on vacations and picnics together making it clearly not the best circumstance for Mueller to be objective. 
  • Mueller has hired "really, really back actors as prosecutors."  One of these attorney's, Michael Dreeben who has donated to both Obama and Hillary Clinton PACS.  Jeanie Rhee donated to both Obama and Clinton PACS, including Hillary's in 2015-16....these are just two of many left-wing attorney's Mueller has brought on board to investigate the President. 
  • Mueller, who is supposedly investigating Russia's interference with the Presidential election is not investigating anything to do with the Hillary email scandal and how those classified emails may have been exploited by Russia. 
  • Mueller is now "off to the races" investigation Trump in regards to Russia, Obstruction of Justice and Trump's financials as well as those close to Trump. 
  • Creating a pretext for impeachment.

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