A Spy Ring in the U.S. House of Representatives! (But Few Seem to Care)

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D.C. Watchdog group Judicial Watch's October 12th "weekly update" has been a mini treasure trove of pertinent information.

If you are like me, after reading this article, you may wonder to yourself why the House doesn't seem interested in investigating the matter of their own computer servers being hacked.  We know Democrats aren't at all concerned about Hillary's illegal server being hacked by enemies of America, but they sure are interested to know if Russia hacked our 2016 Presidential elections, at least as far as the outcome of that election goes.

Now the Republican House Majority doesn't seem too interested in getting to the bottom of many of their servers having been breached. 

Could it be that some of the data on U.S. Representatives' computers, if made public would be scandalous for House members, especially the Leadership? What other explanation is plausible here? Just asking.

Between these House servers being hacked, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State leaving enormous amounts of classified information completely unsecured and unencrypted for the world to invade and recent reports that North Korea has hacked our war plans against them, one has to wonder, do we have any secrets left?



This week on your behalf I participated in a special, highly revealing discussion among members of the U.S. House of Representatives and experts regarding the Wasserman Schultz/Awan Brothers IT scandal.

As you may already know, a Democratic IT staffer named Imran Awan was arrested in July on charges of bank fraud. He was employed with Debbie Wasserman Shultz and other members Congress. Wasserman Schultz is a Democratic congresswoman from Florida and former chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Imran Awan is also a suspect in a cybersecurity investigation, having been banned from congressional networks in February. In addition, his relatives, also government IT employees, are currently being investigated for alleged involvement in defrauding the federal government as well as compromising sensitive information from congressional servers.

The event featured: Congressmen Louie Gohmert of Texas, Jim Jordan of Ohio, Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, Andy Biggs of Arizona, Steve King of Iowa, and Ron Desantis of Florida. Joining me was Luke Rosiak, a reporter with The Daily Caller News Foundation, who’s done incredible reporting on this scandal. (You can see his dozens of stories here.)

I told the congressmen that there are several issues: national security, management of the House, and the privacy of their constituents. Here are some of my remarks:

I’m not aware of any official hearing by the House into this burgeoning scandal. This needs to be front and center for the House. The Republican majority is in charge of making sure the rules are being followed, and it doesn’t seem to me they’re doing the work necessary to reassure the American people.

National security is obviously something that is front and center here, but my concern is that the Justice Department is afraid to raise the issue when it comes to crimes with a political component. I fear the Justice Department is going to fear to tread here. We’ve already seen pushback from Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

What happened led to breaches of secure information all over the place. We’ve had evidence that they were in contact with some Pakistani officials. There were aliases used. Also data being moved in large quantities suggests something wrong. But evidently to even raise that question is controversial.

Hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars have gone missing in the form of equipment. Moreover, when citizens communicate with their House members they often reveal the most private information. As sensitive as anything the IRS has or anything your healthcare provider has. People provide Social Security information. And that material could be on their member’s servers. All of that could have been breached here.

This house has not policed itself, and it has left itself susceptible to being defrauded by crooks.

Who’s watching the store?

Judicial Watch commends the House members, especially Rep. Louie Gohemert, who participated in this educational event.  It is remarkable that they had to do an unofficial hearing on this key corruption issue. And I’m proud to say that Judicial Watch played a key role in recording and disseminating the video of the hearing across the media, where it took off like wildfire.

You can view the full hearing here, my opening statement here, and a startling revelation about how the ringleader may have accessed secure House computer systems from Pakistan (!) here.
It doesn’t appear that the Congress or the federal agencies or the press want to handle this hot potato.

We will.

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