The Most Frightening AND Biggest Deep State Bombshell Yet that NO ONE is talking about


I don't know how much longer American's will sit back and watch the overthrow of their Republic before we take to the streets.  

Let the following interview serve as the back drop to what is going on now;  Parkland Shooting narrative isn't about school safety or mental health but about taking your guns and demonizing the NRA;  Cops are being brutally gunned down just because they are cops, but Black Lives Matter; Conservatives aren't invited to speak on college campuses anymore, but Antifa violence is okay. Alternative news sources or reports on You-tube, Twitter and Facebook are being silenced, but CNN, MSNBC, NY Times and the Washington Post are gospel; And the Deep State, with their allies in the DNC and the MSM are aiming to indict President Trump on phony charges they themselves made up and are guilty of.

The source in the video below is Mike Zullo in a radio interview on the Sheila Zalinsky show.   Zullo  investigated the Obama birth certificate for many years... and PROVED it was a fraud, despite the media did Congressional Republicans.  That is basically what the first 40 minutes is about in the video below.  And if this seems like old news to some, hold on, because the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on America is being outdone by the new greatest fraud....the taking down of a duly elected President, and there is quite a bit of new EARTH SHATTERING information gleaned from the Obama birth certificate investigation that has come to light.

What we have is details of how illegal spying on millions of Americans occured under Obama's weaponized NSA, CIA and FBI.

They have private information on Senators and Supreme Court Justices....and who else?  Are they blackmailing Jeff Sessions?  Members of Congress for there vote? Supreme Court Justices?

They didn't obtain private information because they have nothing else to do.

The entire interview is really worth hearing and sharing with others.  You and I MUST stand up, while we still can.

Here is an excerpt of the interview with Zullo speaking (at the 40 minute mark) for those who don't have the full hour to invest:

"During the course of this investigation we were put in touch with a subcontractor for the CIA and he disclosed to us that during his time there, there were secret programs going on in the Federal this is before you people ever heard of it....secret programs going on in the Federal government where they were spying on Americans and he produced the identities of 151,000 residents of Maricopa County, which Sheriff Joe was the Sheriff of Maricopa County.  One hundred and fifty one thousand residents, their personal information.  I'm talking names, addresses, birth dates, social security numbers, bank account information, and he presented that to us and he told us that he retrieved this when he was in the employ ...working under John Brennan, Clapper, Comey, you know the whole cast of characters. As a matter of fact it is courtroom documented in an unrelated Federal proceeding where he was the individual who built the computer system and the hacking software that penetrates computer systems around the globe for the NSA.  Now that is called "the Hammer", located in Fort Washington Maryland.  He built that system. He was hacking computers around the globe because of the War on Terror, is what it was originally was created for but then it went awry.

As a result of being in contact with him, that put me in contact with a few other individuals who are well documented and noted governmental employees of the NSA that created the harvesting software and that was at the time called "Thin thread".  And what that would do, using the "Hammer's" computer system to breach, would allow you to penetrate a computer system and download anything you wanted undetected. It also would allow the gathering of mass information through the fiber optic networks that carry all digital data; emails, phone calls, bank transactions, whatever you thought you could do over a computer electronically, they could grab it.  "Thin thread" had fourth amendment protections built into it.  They were okay with doing this as long as this information was encrypted and then you would have to go to a FISA court if you were the Government and you wanted to see who was talking to who, you had to specify under oath why you reached this conclusion and why this was a necessity, and they would only unencrypt that targeted individual.
Well, the Government wasn't satisfied with that.  They took it and created a program called "Trailblazer".  Trailblazer did nothing more than do away with the fourth amendment protections and they grabbed everything.

If you go back in time you will remember when this was coming up with AT&T and these cell phone companies they were saying 'well the government is just collecting metadata', because metadata really has no meaning to the general public.  Well, that was not true because the information in our possession was not metadata, it was printed out line by line; name, phone number, time of call, who they called too.  I had banking information from people, I had all kinds of things.  I had the private information of Supreme Court Justices, every Senator, Federal Judges, this was insane what this individual had. Six hundred million records were collected in the time span he worked there."

Sheila Zilinsky

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