Mike Zullo on BC Investigation: "All Roads Lead to John Brennan"

The 3 Amigos, Comey, Brennan and Clapper              (Image: Unz.com)

And with that Tweet from the President, Mike Zullo, lead investigator under Sheriff Joe Arpaio's five year Obama birth certificate investigation has been suddenly contacted again by friends and foes of the investigation. Foes that might be a little nervous suddenly.  People are scared that Donald Trump, who helped bring the fake Obama birth certificate to the forefront back in 2011 has called on the DOJ to dig into the Obama administration.

Here are some of the highlights of the Zullo inverview with Carl Gallups.

(27:14 mark)
"Let's look at Brennan for a minute.  Here is a guy that spent twenty-five years in the CIA.  And he was sworn in as CIA Director in early March I think in 2013.  And he serves in that capacity until the Election obviously.  But going back earlier than that, Brennan after his twenty-five years, he leaves government service for a couple of years and he becomes Chairman and CEO of two different company's.  One of them is called Intelligence National Security Alliance and the other one he is CEO of is the Analysis Corporation.  Well, the Analysis Corporation is the company that was identified that had the employees who were responsible for the breach of the passport records of Obama, Clinton, and McCain.  That's John Brennan.  And when that breach was occurring, John Brennan was still CEO of that company."

(29:24 mark)
"And then don't forget, when we went to try to find the records of Immigration and Naturalization service cards filled out on airplanes for passengers coming in, flying into the country from outside of the United States, and we were looking specifically for the month of August 1961 which would have been Obama's birth date, all of a sudden that whole month is gone from the National Archives microfilm records with no explanation."

(31:03 mark)
"So what do you have here? You've got Clapper who has intelligence ties to the British.  You've got Michael Steele, why did they pick Michael Steele to do the dirty work on the phony dossier? John Brennan takes care of the passport record scrubbing which was going to be a problem for Obama."

"You've got John Brennan taking care of the scrubbing of those passport records, you've got British spies working on a dossier, you've got John McCain hand delivering the dossier, you've got Clapper and Brennan are the two people from the Intelligence Agencies that you see paraded around on opposition networks CNN, MSNBC, lying through their teeth every time they open their mouth.  Then you have James Comey.  James Comey who gets appointed to the FBI in 2013.  Now if you look at James Comey's history, James Comey was basically a lawyer here, a lawyer there, worked on the Second District of New York I think, of something of that affect.  You know, he's got lawyer jobs.  It's my understanding that guys worth almost eleven million dollars.  Where did he get eleven million bucks?"

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