‘Unaccompanied Migrant CHILDREN’ Arrive at NY Airport -Appear to be GROWN MEN With 5-O’CLOCK SHADOWS and Shaving Kits (VIDEO)

Another question is, why so many men, where are the girls? -W.E.


The New York Times posted a video of seven ‘unaccompanied migrant children’ arriving at New York’s La Guardia Airport from Texas Wednesday evening–only the ‘children’ appear to be grown men.

Are these little boys holding shaving kits?

Hundreds of ‘separated children’ have quietly been sent to New York, reports the New York Times.

"Under cover of darkness and in the custody of the federal government, migrant children have been coming in waves to New York, taken from their parents after crossing the southern border."

Of course what the fake news media refuses to report is the majority of these children show up alone at the border.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen joined Press Secretary Sarah Sanders at the White House briefing on Monday to discuss the administration’s position on border security and migrant family separation.

During the media hysterics and abuse Secretary Nielsen dropped this bomb.
It fell flat with the media who were only wanting to use the venue to attack Trump.

Kirstjen Nielsen: So I want to be clear on a couple things. The vast majority, vast, vast, majority of the children who are in the care of HHS right now, 10,000 of the 12,000, were sent here alone by their parents. That’s when they were separated. Somehow we’ve conflated everything.
The group of ‘migrant children’ arriving at the airport are all wearing the same hoodie pulled over their heads.

VIDEO of ‘migrant children’ arriving at La Guardia:
On Wednesday, President Trump signed an Executive Order to keep families together at the border, confirms “zero-tolerance” prosecution policy will stay in place.

UPDATE: An activist at LaGuardia posted a photo Wednesday night of migrant “youth &children” on a plane that appear to be the same group as seen in the video.

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