Why the update 2.5 months after Obama left office? Because he may have left office, but then he moved two miles from the White House, moved Valerie Jarrett in with him and has made it publicly known he is there to take down Donald Trump, proving as always that he is a radical infiltrator who should never have been President and really was never the legally elected President of this nation because he was never eligible to run for office in the first place and should have been impeached on many charges, included lying about his long form birth certificate. 

(If you haven't seen the Dec/2016 Arapaio/Zullo press conference in its entirety go here.)

The conclusion is 9 Points of Forgery

Regarding Barry Soetoro's birth certificate, it is what its always has been, a fraudulent document, and the proof is incontrovertible. -W.E. 3/5/17

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Albert Renshaw

It's just too unbelievable to be true, too inconceivable right?  How can any person run for the office of President, much less win the election, without proper documentation, i.e., a birth certificate?

Maybe you have been convinced that he is eligible because there was a birth announcement in two separate newspapers on or about the time of Obama's birth and that settled it for you.  Maybe you have been convinced because our illustrious media seems to have decided that all is okay. 

On this blog and many others, have been articles and videos many times over showing discrepancy after discrepancy of Obama's birth certificate and other documentation (i.e., Selective Service Registration) to hold the highest office in our land- the Presidency. 
In true Alinsky-ite fashion, most if not all the evidence has been routinely ignored, skewed or ridiculed by both Obama and (especially) the media.  

Why does Obama have a team of lawyers running around the country, not allowing this issue to make it to court and clear this issue up once and for all? 

The video(s) below (just like the more concise ones above) is your proof.  It's not my proof. It's not some media pundits proof.  It is evidence brought to light by a formal investigation by law officers who first sought to CLEAR the President's name.  

After watching the evidence presented below from an unbiased frame of mind, I believe most will agree that the evidence is at the very least STRONG and in all probability, CONCLUSIVE.  

If this is true, and I don't mean to sound dramatic, but it is dramatic, we must consider the ramifications of such evidence for the very sake of our Republic.    

It is also important to realize, and would be almost illogical to believe, that Obama pulled this off by himself, making this a formidable and exceedingly dangerous conspiracy against We The People.  

Indeed, it is a conspiracy so profound, so frightening that many just can't force themselves to believe it could be true.  Nevertheless, we must ignore our fears and face the truth and ask the tough questions. Who are the co-conspirators? (For instance we know the mainstream media who won't investigate nor report on this are obviously part of the problem, not the solution)

Is a foreigner in office that wants to do harm to this country, and if so, are we witnessing a silent Coup d'├ętat against America? (Logically, if you have taken over the highest office of the nation illegally and deceitfully, your intentions cannot be good) Is this the reason we are all witnessing what Obama promised- the "fundamental transformation" of the United States of America?

This really is happening.  And we who know the truth must play our roles.  This very conspiracy trumps all of the other ills that Obama and his co-conspirators are in process of thrusting on the American people, and have done so for the past five years.  I believe it trumps everything else because it is at the foundation. This usurper should not be in office, plain and simple and therefore we would not be living under his policies, executive orders, and wrecking of the Constitution and our rights as citizens of a free country. 

The question remains, are you willing to put aside partisan politics for the good of the country and take a stand? And if so, what does that "stand" look like? Some of us have the means and connections to do more than others. 

All of us, rejecting fears of being labeled as "extremists" or "whackos" can at the very least share what we know with other citizens.  Our strength as Americans is in our numbers and our collective prayerful action. 




Here is a response video to the first second one at the top, showing further evidence and debunking naysayers.

Albert Renshaw

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